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Embrace the internet

This back problem has made it very uncomfortable to sit at my computer so I have been trying to avoid doing so, hence the lack of posts.

Today I am having a fact finding day, looking for flats, jobs, removal men, wool etc. The wool is for our depict project (although I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin the supprise). For some reason it seems to be quite difficult to buy a shit load of wool for a reasonable price on the internet, its either small quantities, expensive retail prices or “contact us for a list of prices”. Come on wholesalers, embrace the internet!!

Time is running away with me at the moment, I haven’t managed to get much done and the clock is ticking, its only around 8 or 9 weeks till we need to move. Most frustratingly I haven’t been able to do any painting for my Golden Demon entry. Today I will make sure I have the figures and materials on order so at least I know that’s sorted!

The other priority at the moment is clearing out some of the immense amount of junk we seem to have accumulated in the last three year. “!



Things not going particularly well. I’ve had a bad back for about a week and its not getting better so the doctor has signed me off work for two weeks.

Now this might sound good but the back pain that prevents me from sitting at a computer at work also prevents me from sitting at a computer at home, or my painting desk, or the paint stations at games workshop, or lifting and moving stuff around,… you get the idea. Suffice to say that I am going to be watching a lot of tennis and bumping up my X-BOX 360 gamer score significantly.

Its frustrating because I want to be getting stuff done!

Computer Fail

I hadn’t intended to write more than one post a day but this has to be said! – My laptop is shagged 😦

To be fair it has been shagged for a while now but now it is more a large paperweight than a computer. It needed windows re-installing because it was beginning to get so slow that it had trouble opening a jpeg or webpage. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a copy of windows, it came with something called a recover disk (aka a ghost or image of the hard drive). Theoretically this should have worked to solve the problems so I put the disk in, confirmed I wanted to wipe the hard drive and watched it do so. Then it was supposed to copy the ghost onto the wiped drive, only it chose that moment to decide it couldn’t read the disk after all!!

So now I have a laptop with no operating system… nice!


I have so much to do in the next few weeks/months, its a little daunting:

    July – shooting 90sec short film entries for Depict (Part of the Brief Encounters film festival)

    August – moving house and finding a new job

    September – staring at uni and entering Golden Demon (Warhammer painting competition)

    October – possibly having a nervous breakdown!

So I need a plan of action. My first task is to get started on my Golden Demon entry as this will take some time and needs to be done before moving really. The film shoot is planned for one week in July. Then things are going to get really hectic!

Four years behind


Ok, so today I thought to myslelf that I should start a blog. So I said to my boyfriend “I have the urge to start a blog” and he looks at me and says “o-kaay, you do realize you’re about four years out of date”…


Well that’s as may be but I am still going to do it.

What I do know is that there is no point writing a blog unless you have something to write about. Well, I’m about to move to a new city start a kick ass course in Archaeological Conservation and create a website for showcasing short films made with my friends. Its my great escape from the world of monotonous office work, a real life adventure.

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