This back problem has made it very uncomfortable to sit at my computer so I have been trying to avoid doing so, hence the lack of posts.

Today I am having a fact finding day, looking for flats, jobs, removal men, wool etc. The wool is for our depict project (although I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin the supprise). For some reason it seems to be quite difficult to buy a shit load of wool for a reasonable price on the internet, its either small quantities, expensive retail prices or “contact us for a list of prices”. Come on wholesalers, embrace the internet!!

Time is running away with me at the moment, I haven’t managed to get much done and the clock is ticking, its only around 8 or 9 weeks till we need to move. Most frustratingly I haven’t been able to do any painting for my Golden Demon entry. Today I will make sure I have the figures and materials on order so at least I know that’s sorted!

The other priority at the moment is clearing out some of the immense amount of junk we seem to have accumulated in the last three year. “!