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Fluffy Cloud

So, after two days back at work my back is seriously hurting again. I went back to the doctors today to see if they could refer me to a physiotherapist… apparently they can’t, not until they have tried other options, other options meaning more drugs. You know, why try exercises before you try adictive painkillers?! So I am now taking:

  • Dicloflex (aka Diclofenac Sodium) – anti inflamatory painkillers that can make you drowsy
  • Robaxin (aka Methocabamol) – muscle relaxants that make you very drowsy
  • Solpadol (aka Co-codamol or  codine and paracetamol) – Strong painkillers that can make you drowsy

Do you see the pattern? So I took the diclofenac at 8am, the Robaxin at 10m and the co-codamol at 11am. At 12pm Ri ch had to come and get me from work as I was high as a kite!! Got home and fell asleep for 3 hours.

I think I may take only half a dose of the co-codamol next time, hopefully my body will get used to it soon and I’ll stop feeling like a fluffy little cloud. The good news is it does stop my back hurting as much, or perhaps it just makes me care less.


Falling into place

Got an email today…

Very exciting… 😀

I have (off the record) been offered an unconditional place on my course! Now all I need to do is wait for an official letter from UCAS.

And more good news…

Rich has negotiated with his employer to keep working on his current project whilst living in Cardiff. This means he has a guaranteed income for the short to medium term and it takes the pressure off him needing to find new work. It basically means we can go ahead with the move, full steam ahead.

So everything is falling into place!

I am going to visit the university, hopefully on Monday or Tuesday next week. We are also hoping to look at flats and talk to some letting agents for advice. Funny how getting one thing sorted suddenly adds a whole bunch of new things to the to do  list!

Too Soon

Oops. Went to work this morning only to be immediately shown the door. No they didn’t fire me, turns out my doctors note is good for one more day and I went back too soon. Unfortunately to go with this good news there was also some bad news – the week I had intended to take off work got nabbed by someone else, so plans for filming the short films will need to be postponed to the last week of July.

Well I have magically been granted a day and I am going to put it to good use:

  1. Pack up small fish tank – (there is no fish in it)
  2. Throw away unwanted/broken fish keeping accessories
  3. Sort through kitchen cupboard and throw out expired food
  4. Search for properties and book viewings

That’ll do for starters, I’ll see how I get on and add more later.

Sorry the posts have been a bit dull and mundane recently, planning and preparing an escape is a boring but essential part of actually escaping. Things are going to get a lot more exciting over the next couple of months though.

Big News

Back to work tomorrow. Hopefully my back will be up to it, I am still getting pain when I do certain things like, picking things up off the floor or leaning forward over a sink.

Big news this week – my best friend had a baby! She was three weeks early and pretty tiny but healthy. Her name is Chloe, we are going to visit them next weekend.

I feel I should have achieved more with the time I had off work but most of the things I needed to do didn’t count as “resting my back”. I did get some stuff done though, here is an update:

  • Golden Demon – bought a resin plinth base for my LOTR figure and bought the Wood Elf figure I am going to paint for my other entry.
  • Depict Filming – bought some prop making materials and arranged a meeting with the crew next Sunday.
  • The Move – did some property searches and enquired about a couple.
  • Jobs – Not much luck finding part time work for me but some promising search results for Rich
  • House clearing – tried to sell an old scanner to Cash Converters yesterday, they wouldn’t take it. We couldn’t even give it away to a charity shop!! Still a lot of work to do with this. Today we are going to eBay some stuff.

One thing I have done this last couple of weeks is knitting. I finished off a blanket I have been working on since I was living at home with my parents some 6 or 7 years ago and have also started work on another blanket to give to my friends new baby.

Also, as promised, significantly improved gamer score on X-BOX 360! Half way trough Ghost Recon, played a lot of Halo 3 online, finished some more challenges in Peggle and started playing Fable 2. Busy busy!

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