Oops. Went to work this morning only to be immediately shown the door. No they didn’t fire me, turns out my doctors note is good for one more day and I went back too soon. Unfortunately to go with this good news there was also some bad news – the week I had intended to take off work got nabbed by someone else, so plans for filming the short films will need to be postponed to the last week of July.

Well I have magically been granted a day and I am going to put it to good use:

  1. Pack up small fish tank – (there is no fish in it)
  2. Throw away unwanted/broken fish keeping accessories
  3. Sort through kitchen cupboard and throw out expired food
  4. Search for properties and book viewings

That’ll do for starters, I’ll see how I get on and add more later.

Sorry the posts have been a bit dull and mundane recently, planning and preparing an escape is a boring but essential part of actually escaping. Things are going to get a lot more exciting over the next couple of months though.