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I think I am trying to do too many things at once:

  • Dissertation research
  • Golden Demon entries (2 this year)
  • Desert Bus craftalong items – friendship bracelets and a secret, very likely time consuming project)
  • Novel writing (Sequal to Hidden Talent and also Mime which I was working on before)
  • Film making – finally getting around to shooting “Yarn” later this month

I have so many projects on the go I’m really not dedicating proper time to any of them. Unfortunately they all have deadlines except the novel writing and, typically, that is what I am most inspired by at the moment.

I think this is a case for multi tasking, spliting the tasks into the practical and the intelectual. I can think about dissertation stuff and writing stuff while I’m painting, right? Maybe I should buy a digital recorder so I can dictate while I make stuff.

Ok, maybe not the best plan.

Better plan would be to kick this stinking flu I have and just try to get more done in each day.

That’s all for now.


Time flies

Time flies, especially when you have things you need to do clashing with things you want to do. I need to be doing dissertation research. I want to be planning and filming a short film and getting ready for Golden Demon this year. What I find I am actually doing is writing a novel. Go figure.

So,… Hidden Talent is in first draft format now. I will be updating the Hidden Talent blog shortly to feature some blurb. ETA on completion is TBC (Acronyms can be abused people!). The more exciting news is that I am most of the way through a rough draft of the sequal which will be a full length novel. ETA on that is,… a long way away so don’t even ask!

So that’s an update for now. Will keep you posted as there are lots of exciting things coming up. Mostly the same things I was planning this time a year ago actually. I need less hobbies!

Also I will try to get a photo of last year’s Golden Demon entry once I can get access to an SLR with a macro lense.

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