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So things on the writers forum have been going well. I’ve had loads of really helpful comments on my first chapter and I’m already noticing myself correcting mistakes as I write. The re-write is now up to chapter 9 and up to 50k words from 36k words. Looks like my novella may be growing up into a novel after all. Awesome!

I have however decided that I need to learn a whole lot about grammar and punctuation. Writing academic papers seems to only favour a certain type of writing style which is not applicable to fiction writing. Fiction writing seems to be full of all these extra rules and things that I haven’t needed to know until now. Therefore I bought a copy of the Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation.

Golden Demon – yeah… I will get round to doing that… I will.

I am aware that I am procrastinating on an epic scale regarding work I should be doing for university. This I can deal with, but the fact that I am also procrastinating regarding the things I am doing to procrastinate is very worrying.



So today I am re-writing chapter one of my novella ready to post to my online writers group for review. It’s a difficult process.

Check out my other blog for info on the novella –

My other task for today is going to be modelling the display base for Golden Demon entry no.1. I made a start yesterday but I’m going to do the bulk of the work today,… hopefully. I’m trying to document the process as I go along so my next entry should have pictures.


I actually feel like I have some energy today! So I am going to put it to use rather than sitting here staring at the internet all day like I have done for the last two days.

First on the cards – shopping. And not the boring kind with supermarkets. I need miliput and a wing mirror (not for the same things luckily enough). The miliput is for constructing the bases of my Golden Demon entries, the wing mirror is for my car after my boyfriend had an unfortunate incident with the side of our garage.

After shopping there will be modelling and stuff and later possibly some writing.

Ooh, news! I have joined the online writers group on Kelley Armstrong’s forum. It’s very exciting. Basically the writers in the group post their work and critique each other. It’s a little daunting though. I am not exactly known to take criticism well so this will be a challenge for me.

Golden Demon 2010

So, starting work on this years Golden Demon entries (yes entries, trying for two categories this year, will let you know if this turns out to be a mistake).

But, before I start work here is a picture of my entry from last year – Gamling on foot. I got a finalist pin which was pretty sweet!

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