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Grest Escapes | Volume 1 - Pre-order on Kickstarter now!The Kickstarter campaign for Great Escapes | Volume 1 finishes today! We’ve raised an astonishing £507 so far, a full £107 more than our target.

For those who don’t know, Great Escapes is the first in a series of annual anthologies from The Great Escape where I am fiction editor. The book features contributions from 18 great writers spread all over the world, some of who featured on The Great Escape in 2011/12 and some new ones with brand new, never before seen contributions. There’s also illustrations from Kat-in-the-attic.

Some of the rewards offered on Kickstater, including custom artwork from Kat and “The Round the World Book Tour” will only be available through Kickstarter! So make sure you don’t miss out.

To pledge your support for this book, visit the Project Page and be sure to check out the Project Updates for more about the extra rewards.

Pre-orders close at 9:00pm GMT, Wed 5th December.

Draft cover art for Great Escapes | Volume 1

Draft cover art. Original photograph by Jeff Waye.

The Great Escape launched in June 2011 without any particular plan as to how we’d find fiction content or what we would ultimately do with it. But, through a combination of competitions and invitation we managed to find content for nearly every month. Interest is growing as we go into 2013 and finding new contributors is getting easier all the time.

The idea to publish the stories we’d collected came up quite early on, but without much conviction. However, the more we researched it, the more we realised it was possible. We decided to title our series of anthologies Great Escapes.

Preparations for volume 1 are now in full swing. Along with the existing content from 2011-12 on The Great Escape we’ve assembled a bunch of new stories and illustrations to create a great little book. Since you can find out all about it on our Kickstarter project page and the Books Page on The Great Escape, I won’t cover all the details here, but here are some highlights.



Crowd funding has really taken off this year. Primarily we’re using Kickstarter to take pre-orders of the book. The cover price will ultimately be £6, but all the rewards include postage, so you are getting a good deal. We’re also aware that some people like to get more involved to feel like they made something happen, and perhaps take home something unique at the same time. That’s why we’re adding a bunch of new rewards.


Shifting Sands - free ebook short story

Click to download a free sample short story:  Shifting Sands. Art by Kat Wilson.

Our illustrations by artist Kat Wilson were originally just going to be colour plates in the book, but since we decided to take the pre-orders through Kickstarter they have taken on something of a life of their own. If you go for one of the higher pledge levels you’ll now be able to get them on art cards and prints as part of your reward.

What’s even more exciting is that Kat has now offered to do some custom art pieces and sketches! These will ONLY be available through Kickstarter, meaning if no one claims them, they won’t be created.

The Last Story

Although we’ll be publishing in December/January, I actually still have one story left to write for the book. That sounds like I’m leaving it a bit late, but the reason why it’s not written yet is I’m giving readers the chance to choose the title, theme or other details about the story for me to write.

This is one of the newly added rewards on Kickstarter. Pledge £30 and you’ll get everything in the £20 Ultimate Bundle and you get to make me your literary slave for a little while.

The Round the World Book Tour

As I’m writing this, the details of the Round the World Book Tour reward have yet to be unlocked on Kickstarter; we’ll only be officially announcing it once we hit the £400 target. This idea is so awesome that I think we’ll have to do it, even if we don’t find a sponsor and ultimate owner through Kickstarter.

Without giving away too much in advance, the contributors in the book are spread out across the world, in pretty much every major English speaking country. I stated on the Kickstarter project page that it was unfeasible to get every copy of the book signed by all the authors, and that’s still true.

Make sure you check out the Kickstarter page and the video below. You need to make your pledge before 5th December to help us make the book happen. If you can’t afford a higher level pledge you can get an ebook copy for only £3, and every little helps.

Help us spread the word to book lovers; you can find The Great Escape on both Twitter and Facebook.

Great Escapes | Volume 2?

Next year we want to make Volume 2 even bigger and more exciting and for that we need awesome new content. If you’d like your fiction or illustrations to feature, contact the Great Escape and/or check out our Fiction Submissions page on The Great Escape.


“ESCAPE” Microfiction vs Poetry Competition

Over on The Great Escape this month we have a writing competition running.

"ESCAPE" Microfiction and Poetry competiton - click for detailsAre you team Micro Fiction or team Poetry? Join in the battle of the short form literature by entering your work into this competition. The team with the most entries will be declared the winner.

Your theme is “Escape”, what you do with it is up to you. The judges are looking for originality, creativity and powerful expression in a short space.

Word limit of 150 words

Deadline: 12th October 2012


Find out more about the terms, prizes and how to enter on the Competitions Page.


Stalking the aisles

My keen eyes scan left and right

Humming electric tubes

Cast washed out, sickly light

Cool hands on the bar

Of my wire basket trolley

Still empty and bare

Some might think it folly

Darkness falls outside

My fellow hunters are few

Click of a price gun

Over best before dates due

Green clad guardian

Wields the discounting weapon

Try not to hover

But ready to descend upon

Yellow stickered prize

A spot in my freezer calls

Don’t care what you are

So long as your price tag falls

© 2011. Chrissey Harrison. All rights reserved.

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