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Over on The Great Escape we tried an experiment on National Flash Fiction Day. We happened to be at Cardiff Comic Expo on the day, so I asked the guests there to challenge me to write them a story. I got several different prompts which inspired some weird and wacky micro-tales.

Unzipped - a day in the life of a banana

The experiment went so well we decided to share the results on the website, and start developing new and improved story cards ready for our next convention. Rather than plain white cards, we’re going to print a selection of designs for people to choose from.

You can see all the “Prototype” Story Cards over on The Great Escape.


Hi everyone. Updates are likely to continue to be a bit sporadic over the next few months as I work on Gabriel Cushing at the Carnival of Sorrows with the rest of the production team from The Great Escape. The new eight part web series will be shot this summer for release next autumn and is currently funding on Kickstarter.

I have something a bit different this week. Me. Or a video of me. Explaining why I’m excited about the project and why you should pledge your support and help make it happen

If you find my bouncy enthusiasm in any way infectious, please reward my self humiliation by visiting the Kickstarter Project page, sharing it to your friends, anything is appreciated.


"Un-Conventional" short story competition from The Great Eascape. Follow the links to find out more.Over on The Great Escape we have a writing competition running. We’re inviting writers to submit 1000-3000 word short stories from the convention scene; short stories set at, or strongly featuring a convention or expo.

You can find all the details on our Competitions Page. There’s also a list of all the  competitions we’ve run in the past.

Prizes up for grabs include publication on the website and/or in Great Escapes | Volume 2, and £10 cash for 1st place! And you’ve still got plenty of time to get your entry in; the competition closes on 26th April.

Grest Escapes | Volume 1 - Pre-order on Kickstarter now!The Kickstarter campaign for Great Escapes | Volume 1 finishes today! We’ve raised an astonishing £507 so far, a full £107 more than our target.

For those who don’t know, Great Escapes is the first in a series of annual anthologies from The Great Escape where I am fiction editor. The book features contributions from 18 great writers spread all over the world, some of who featured on The Great Escape in 2011/12 and some new ones with brand new, never before seen contributions. There’s also illustrations from Kat-in-the-attic.

Some of the rewards offered on Kickstater, including custom artwork from Kat and “The Round the World Book Tour” will only be available through Kickstarter! So make sure you don’t miss out.

To pledge your support for this book, visit the Project Page and be sure to check out the Project Updates for more about the extra rewards.

Pre-orders close at 9:00pm GMT, Wed 5th December.

Art Contest

You may or may not be aware that I help run a media showcasing site called The Great Escape. There you can find films, fiction (including some by me) and comics.

Right now we’re running a story illustration contest.

It is common to see photos or images used as prompts in writing contests, but we decided to do things a bit differently and let the fiction inspire the art. Therefore we’re asking artists to choose one of the stories on the site and create a piece of artwork for it.

For full details, check out our competitions page.

The Great Escape - Story Illustration Art Contest - click for more information



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